November 30, 2020

Portal Site Refresh

The Nichiren Shu Head Office International Section is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the English website with a new design that matches the Japanese website while adding new features:

The new home page features the announcement function of the Japanese page, offering announcements from the Head Office and a fuller offering of Nichiren Shu Activities and campaign events such as the 800th Anniversary of Nichiren Shonin. We posted some Shakyo downloads so that you can practice writing the Lotus Sutra and the Odaimoku.

A unique feature for the English site is the Nichiren Shu News blog. This is a selection of Nichiren Shu News articles with enhanced content hosted on a new page. The purpose of this blog is not only to highlight important Nichiren Shu News content but also to expand it beyond the printed page with video, podcasts and visual content that tell our stories better than before. For our first entry we have prepared a video report this year’s Shugyoso Monk’s Trail Race.

Over time, we are planning to expand our website features to include social media support like Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to the Nichiren Shu international community. Shared experiences in these challenging times can inspire us to overcome them in a positive way.