Memorial Service

Some people say that Buddhism only thinks about the deceased. They fail to understand that there is a karmic link between each of us, those who come before and those who will come after us. As we learn about Buddhism, we begin to understand that Buddhism is very logical, and its teaching is beyond time and space.

Buddhism is a religion that teaches us the true connection between family in the past, present and future. The hard efforts of our past family have led to this moment in time and the benefits we enjoy. Our efforts in this time will directly impact how our families will benefit or suffer in the future. It is the great benefit given to us by our past family to meet the Dharma in our current lives. We are indebted to the favors bestowed by our past family and have a responsibility to pass that along to future generations.

Family and Buddhism

No matter what religion you believe in, everybody agrees that family is important. What is a family? Who are your family members?

You could say that those closest to you are your family, such as your husband, wife, parents, brothers, sisters and children, but what about your extended family, such as your grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews? If you say that your grandparents are part of your family, then aren’t great grandparents or great grandchildren also part of your family?

You probably think that your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and other descendants are all part of your family. Unfortunately, many people do not think of these people, whom they may have never even seen, as family. If your great grandchildren or great nieces and great nephews did not acknowledge your sacrifices and contributions for their benefit after you passed away, how would you feel?