February 10, 2023

Condolences for the Victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

On February 6, many people were affected and killed in both Turkey and Syria in a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that occurred in southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria. On behalf of Nichiren Shu I would like to express my sympathy to all the people affected by the disaster. In addition, I pray for the souls of those who have lost their precious life, and express my sincere condolences to the families and related parties who are deeply sad.

I sincerely pray for the safety of those who are missing and their immediate rescue and the safety of those engaged in rescue activities. For those suffering from the effects of the disaster I sincerely pray for peace and speedy reconstruction.

In Gassho

Reverend Eshin Tanaka
Chief Administrator of Nichiren Shu
February 9, 2023