January 22, 2024

Chief Abbot Nisso Uchino Passes Away

Rev. Nisso Uchino offering incense at the 800th Anniversary Ceremony making the birth of Nichiren Shonin in Penang in 2017.

The Honorable Rev. Nisso Uchino, the 92nd Chief Abbot of Minobusan Kuonji Temple and the 52nd and 53rd Archbishop of Nichiren Shu, passed away on January 21 at the age of 99.

Chief Abbot Nisso Uchino supported Nichiren Shu international propagation with his visits abroad for the 100th anniversary of Nichiren Shu in North America, the 800th anniversary Nichiren Shonin birth celebration in Penang and the 110th anniversary celebration of Nichiren Shu in Hawaii, joining together with the people of many sanghas and temples. He also served as the elder teacher of the English language Shingyo Dojo in 2023.

We pray that he achieves the virtue of the Bodhisattva Way that is wonderful and perfect.

The International Section, Missionary Department, Head Office of Nichiren Shu

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