Do not leave dying flowers or other things that are not fresh. Take good care of them as if you were offering them to the living. The Buddhas are by your side always. We live together although we cannot see them. If you think and behave like this, your family will grow to understand that it is important to take care not only of the visible but also of the invisible. Your children and grandchildren are greatly influenced by you. Keep the Butsudan clean because the Butsudan is like a mirror reflecting your mind. If you do not have a strong faith and a good life, it will quickly show in the appearance of the Butsudan. Reporting something that happens to the family means to talk about everything with the Buddhas and to appreciate it. Do not worry about the topics. For example, you can tell of a baby’s birth, the start of school, graduation, marriage, etc. Everyday topics are also fine. Let’s talk with the Buddhas!