An example of a Shodaigyo service is as follows:

  • Rahai: (a deep bow preparing oneself to receive the Buddha and his teachings)
  • Dojokan: (Meditation on the Throne of Enlightenment)
  • Sanki: (Taking refuge in the Three Treasures, Buddha, Dharma and Samgha represented here by Nichiren Shonin)
  • Joshingyo: (a few minutes of silent meditation to cleanse and bring harmony to the Body and Mind)
  • Shoshogyo: (Odaimoku chanting)
  • Jinshingyo: (a few minutes of silent meditation to reflect on the Odaimoku and the merits received)
  • Prayer: (dedication of the merits received to family, friends and all the beings of the universe)
  • Four Great Vows:
    Sentient beings are innumerable; I vow to save them all.
    Our evil desires are inexhaustible; I vow to quench them all.
    The Buddha's teachings are immeasurable; I vow to study them all.
    The way of the Buddha is unexcelled; I vow to attain the path sublime.
  • Raihai: (a deep bow in appreciation for the merits received and the chance to practice the Dharma)