In 1274, Nichiren Shonin entered Minobusan, which was to be his home of voluntary exile during the last nine years of his life. It was a period dedicated to the consummation of his mission and perpetuation of his religion. Two more major writings were created during this period.

In his work entitled the “Senji Sho” (Selection of Time), he affirmed the righteousness of his propagating the Lotus Sutra and predicted the victory of his convictions. In March 1276, his old master Dozen died. In his memory, Nichiren Shonin wrote the “Hoon Jo” (Recompense of Indebtedness).

Final Journey

Facing severe illness, Nichiren Shonin left his home at Minobusan in September 1282, intending to visit a hot spring for its recuperative effects. His failing health, however, caused him to stop short of his destination. On October 13, 1282 at Ikegami, in what is now Tokyo, Nichiren Shonin passed away surrounded by his disciples and followers, having led an eventful 60 years. His will, “please build my grave on Minobusan where my heart resides forever,” was faithfully carried out.