The Eightfold Path is as follows:

Right View is fully understanding life as revealed by the Four Noble Truths.

Right Intention is thinking clearly without the distortion of greed, hatred, or delusion. We are sincere and do not harbor selfish motives.

Right Speech is the avoidance of deceit, gossip, slander, and other forms of verbal abuse and dishonesty. Instead, we speak only to benefit others and to reveal the truth.

Right Action is conducting oneself in an ethical manner and acting to benefit others. We refrain from killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, and activities that are harmful to others and ourselves.

Right Livelihood is making a living without harming or exploiting others. Our work should be in accordance with the rest of the eightfold path.

Right Effort is making every effort to develop good habits while curbing our bad habits.

Right Mindfulness is striving to keep a balanced and calm mind in everyday life to see more deeply into the true nature of our lives.

Right Concentration is making every effort to develop our Buddhist practice in order to attain tranquility, insight into the true nature of life, and liberation from false views.