Both the statue of Nichiren Shonin in the Soshi-do and the five-story pagoda have been designated as important cultural properties of Japan.

The Kyozo was built in 1784 and houses the entire Buddhist cannon on revolving octagonal bookshelves.

Facing the Soshi-do, it is to the left. If you go behind the Soshi-do and take a left, you will find stone steps going down, then you will find the Tahoto (stupa) on the right.

The Tahoto is a two-story, red pagoda, which was built on the site where Nichiren Shonin was cremated. It was rebuilt in 1830 and is the only structure of its kind in Japan.

The history of Honmonji Temple stretches back some 700 years to its founding by Nichiren Shonin.

Along with Minobusan Kuonji Temple (the head temple of the Nichiren Shu Order), Honmonji Temple ranks as one of the major centers among the order’s more than 5,000 temples.